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(Some names are repeated twice because they should be
categorized in multiple categories that don't mix)
(Also, since dA limits the amount of icons I can post,
I'll post the actual images every OTHER group or something,
not including the ppls I watch)

Mos of these peeps I:+devwatch:, but everyone else are those who've also had influences on me.

Traditional Visual Arts, Drawings, and Writing Account: :icondani-claw:

Photography Account: :iconacinad:

First of all, there's my sistas:

My older sis, :iconnewrhythm: (photography) and here's her friend, :iconwild-yak:

My twin sis...:iconair-bourne: really needs some visiting, is trying hard to get stuff up here, and
keeps practicing drawing (and works on a story with me, soon to be posted).
Please support her, visit her, comment, etc. to cheer her up and make me happy.

Here's some of her work:
6 Isolation by air-bourneDragon Wasteland- Color by air-bourneBring It by air-bourne
Nibbling Mice by air-bourne

Second, the peoples I know in real life (as opposed to fake life XD):

WickedRoseDesigns <---(Part of my high school staff)

And, third....the seemingly ENDLESS list of Amazing Artists, Writers, and Buddies (categorized and in alphabetical order):

Recent Additions (So I can sync both account watchlists):
:icondesolee::iconpurplekecleon: :iconzombiegnu: (a.k.a. :iconguardianofire:) :iconbeastofoblivion: :iconbonegnaws: :iconblackpassion777: :iconcatandcrown: :iconmspaintdraw:
(too lazy to put the new groups: they appear at teh bottom now :O )

People with mostly Fantasy and Anthropomorphism:

:iconalectorfencer: :iconalphaki: :iconatan: :iconautumn-sunrise: :iconazuldragon: :iconbalaa: :iconbeastofoblivion: :iconblackpassion777:
:iconbonegnaws: :iconc3rmen: :iconcharles-burggraf: :iconchayaa: :iconchipset: :iconcopperdragon: :icondarknatasha:
:icondizturbed: :icondragarta: :icondrakhenliche: :iconel-grimlock: :iconemberiza: :iconfatal-mantis85: :iconfiremaster13: :iconfrostdrake:
:icongoldenwolf: :icongra-varg: :iconhibbary: :iconjocarra: :iconkankakanka: :iconkarakas: :iconkatrineh: :iconkerembeyit:
:iconksar: :iconleundra: :iconlhuin: :iconlizzy23: :iconlyanti: :iconmerystic: :iconmewstor: :iconmspaintdraw:
:iconsarahfinnigan: :icondamie-m: :iconskreel: :iconneondragon: :iconnightpark: :iconnovawuff: :iconpastiche-x: :iconexileden:
:iconqzurr: :iconrah-bop: :iconrayndancer: :iconred-izak: :iconrinpoo-chuang: :iconruth-tay: :iconsandara: :iconshadow-wolf:
:iconshadowdragon252: :icondiamonddusttaxidermy: :iconshinerai: :iconsilvermoonnw: :iconskysealer: :iconsleyf: :iconsombrastudio: :iconsoys:
:iconsugarpoultry: :icontacimur: :iconvantid: :iconvinree: :iconauraguardianhadou: :iconweremoon: :iconwildspiritwolf: :iconwindfalcon:
:iconwindiedragon: :iconxdember: :iconyamigriffin: :iconyellow-eyes: :iconyoruko: :iconyuumei: :iconzarathus: :iconzombiegnu:

People with mostly fantasy people:


People with mostly Fan Art, Cuteness and Cartoons (Including Disney, discluding Poke'mon):


Incredible Pokemon Artists:


People with mostly Photography:


Incredibly Talented and Proud Christian Artists (their genre of art listed in one or more of the above categories):


The Great Clubs with Incredibly Talented Members (That I am actively watching and the group is mostly active and a few I actually submit to)(some with multiple categories shown twice):








General Fantasy:

Mostly Dark:

Wolves and Werewolves:



Specific Types:

Specific Pokemon:


Dude Clubs (I draw too many guys! I'm sorry! )

Strictly OCs



General Animals

Foxes, Canines, & Felines





Legend of Zelda (and Link-ness):

TEAM FORTRESS 2 (:O), Steam, Valve, etc.:

Indie Games:


Danny Phantom-





All Art (and specific art mediums):



Cade the Cacturne by Dani-Claw
Cade the Cacturne
This boi makes my heart go doki-doki (no he doesn't, really). :B  Actually, I just reaaaaally like how he turned out. First, it was just me speculating many-a-pokemon gijinka, particularly my favorites like Cacturne, then it turned into this handsome desert farmer (maybe he haunts the chile and corn fields in New Mexico ;) ). He's either punk, goth, emo, all of the above, or just macabre, of course, and he's now my standard for any male Cacturne I catch/befriend in the Pokemon games.
Maybe he's okay with self-impalement as a human...

I did major additions in the recent year(s), but this piece still belongs primarily to 2012-ish.

The end.
Pokemon and Cacturne are not mine, of course.
This nice looking piece of guy IS mine. Don't touch him. He's sharp and pointy. :O He will hurt you.
Branwen (1st sketch) by Dani-Claw
Branwen (1st sketch)
Holy cow, here she is! The first drawing of my "feathersona", Branwen. I just took forever to submit this (like other "old pieces") because of me continually touching it up, and now I guess I deemed it "good enough" to be on the internet. :XD: 

   She first emerged when I joined my first GaiaOnline rp w/SilverTsumugari, but it fell through (twice), mostly from my protests to stuff that I found making me very uncomfortable (my sister quit for this reason, too), irritation with other rp-ers, distaste for the format/my abilities and limitation, etc. She will continue to stick around on the bench for me, just like Adonia, and I actually have included her in a new piece about hyper-intelligent corvids (ravens, crows, etc.) leading a worldwide bird revolt.

I don't know why she still has those mammalian pointy ears -it just looks good in her design to me.  She (and Adonia) have their anatomy based off of me, my not super in-shape but not super blubbery body (with a bunch of junk in the thighs, chest, booty). :I

The end.

(c) Me, originally 2010/2011-ish
Duo-headed Demon Lugia by Dani-Claw
Duo-headed Demon Lugia
Here's another oldie (not as old as my Troan Demon comic). Why didn't I upload either of these ages ago?! Anyhoot, this is a demon two-headed Lugia that feeds on human flesh and has three eyes each head...all in my dream, of course. :XP: I unfortunately only remember this guy from that particular dream...and some use of couches as transport...(dream logic...)

(c) Me, 2010-ish (finished 2011-ish?)
Troan Demon Fight Comic by Dani-Claw
Troan Demon Fight Comic
This is an OOOOLLD piece of crap! I was just learning more about incorporating American comic book superhero anatomy in my style (which eventually fused Manga-esque American-esque elements into the style I have today), and you can tell I was testing out some of it in Troan's "cutting edge" expression in the third panel (all reads left to right). Then I had a guy I was crushing on be my model for Troan kicking in the final panel, so I guess that panel will immortalize my dopey 9th grade wistfulness. 

And although this was drawn "inspired" by a dream I had recently had at the time, it has little to no similarities to the original dream (although, strangely, I can remember what WAS involved in the dream just by remembering this comic O_o).

The end.

(c) Me, 2009 junk 

Link and Samus comic, Pokemon, and School

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 14, 2013, 11:55 PM
  • Mood: Sentimental
  • Listening to: The Island by Pendulum; Not Alone by Calvin Harris
  • Reading: The Hobbit, Catching Fire, Various other things
  • Watching: MLP: FiM, some crime shows, The Hobbit, stuff
  • Playing: Heroes of Ruin (awesome!)
  • Eating: Cake? Ice cream?
  • Drinking: Water

First off, I'm lame cuz I haven't done anything on here for quite a while. I'm about to lose my premium membership after not using it enough this year. DX Buuuut it does NOT mean I have been idle in my art life. I'm always drawing, and my current (about to end) sketchbook is primarily my "fan" sketchbook, i.e. much of it is fan art. "Fan art of what," you ask (but you actually don't)? Well see this big black and red beauty in the background? Nope, I still have yet to draw him, but there are some more pokémon fan artz in this sketchbook -adorable realistic pikachus (I like 'em at least XD), eeveelutions, and more. I've played my copy of Pokémon Y since the release date -I totally don't believe in just speeding through- because a) I want all the eeveelutions and a bunch of other pokemanz b) I'm getting full affection (in pokemonamie of course) with every one of my babies (pokemon) cuz that's how we're meant to be ;) c) I want to squeeze every last drop of fun and gameplay out of this game to get my money's worth and make it all the more special when I beat it. This is precisely what I do with mah books (often), taking time and (when I'm currently interested in doin' other stuff) coming back to it later so I can make the journey last longer -it will be a bigger accomplishment at the end. Also, I did this with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the 3DS this summer (and part of fall), which is another reason I didn't feel like goin' onto deviantart. I wasn't privileged (or whatever) to have played the incredible game on the 64, so I got full experience, several screenshots, and bliss out of it on the 3DS. :meow:

    More stuff in the sketchbook: There are also several pages of My Little Pony, because they're so freakin' cute and the series is so colorful and imaginative, and a few things of Team Fortress 2, because I have a crush on every one of those hilarious dudes (which means I mostly love this guy :iconthemedicplz:, and I have hilarious dreams of him as well, which means I'll love him forever :XD:, oh and also I like to be this guy :iconthepyroplz:). And more than everythin' else, there's this guy :iconherooftimeplz: (there aren't any good Ocarina of Time Link gifs, what the heck?!). After a bajillion hours of playing OoT (and growing up with Link in various games, incl. Supah Smash & Link's Awakening), Link is instilled in my brain and heart and he's a common character in my dreams now. So, there are a ton of Link-y pictures in my sketchbook, and I've been working quite a while on a comic called Super SAMASH Bromance (which my sis and I typically just refer to as "Samlink", but shh, that's a subliminal message/intention with the comic), primarily focusing on Link and Samus living in the crazy Smash Bros. World (and SAMASH being "Samus" + "Smash", just fyi). I friggin' hate most of the shipping fanart of either Samus (with various ppl) and Link (also with various ppl, esp. w/Zelda and himself. YUCK!), and it's about time that the two most awesome silent protagonists are shipped -er, shown interacting, yeah. They're just "friends" (or are they?). I like a secret love kinda thing goin' on between them, so that's kinda what's goin' on in the comic. It makes fun of a ton of LoZ, Metroid, and several game & Nintendo things and stuffs, and I hope y'all enjoy it when it gets up (and that a new fandom begins >: D ). There are/is currently about/almost 20-ish pages of it, so there's already a bunch to read. ;)  There are, of course, random Link/LoZ splash pages and mini-comics as well, but the comic-buuk is the center of my art attention currently.

    Also, college is dumb, even though it's meant to make you smart. I need better professors/instructors so I can stop getting NOT credit for my program! That & video games are big fat reasons of me not talking on here forever. And much of the summer was also me going on an e-bay spree of a ton of pokémon plushies which includes baby ho-oh, articuno, dragonite, and regular umbreon + espeon, and an awesome bowser (not a pokémon of course) plush that is best friends with baby ho-oh, (plus a few ponies recently, a lovely spike plushie from nightdemon808 and also his glaceon and leafeon plushie gifts "started" my madness of this summer :XD:), several games (all metroid primes, original metroid on GBA, Starfox Adventures), another (cheap, yay!) wacom tablet, new (cheap) prismacolor colored pencils, and...somethin' else? Don't remember. Also, I'm still on a pokémon card buying spree, which is less of a spree and more of a common thing. ^^;

    Aaaand nightdemon808, air-bourne and I are doing youtube gaming stuff (yes, we joined that annoyingly large trend), mostly of horror games cuz nightdemon808 has hilarious reactions, but all that stuff is being worked on currently (but still, if interested, here's this stuff, us on Google+ and 

I know this journal is full of lazy writing, but what's better? Formal, unexciting writing? Pfft! Puh-lease! 

My fandoms (OMG LEGEND OF KORRA AND GRAVITY FALLS! WOO! AND PONIES!), TF2, Pokémon, various games, SamLink/Smash Bros Comic, various awesome electronic musics (like Pendulum, Nero, Calvin Harris, Flux Pavillion, Tiesto) and lots of praying have been keeping me alive for these past several months. Take school seriously, but not too seriously: you'll stress out too much and get depressed (like I did anyway for certain stupid classes). 

At the end of it all, Merry Christmas and God bless! You are awesome! Yes, you specifically are awesome.

I probably won't write another journal for a while, but all this pretty much sums up how the coming months will also probably be.

Love you guys!

TL;DR section:

Pokemon obsession (cards & games + plushies) growing, ponies, Team Fortress 2 is fantastic (except for online jerks and lag), video games and cartoons and electronic music pump my blood, Link is my favorite and doesn't belong with Zelda or himself (eww), Link + Samus = yay (also Link + Samus/Super Smash Bros. comic a WIP by me to be uploaded hopefully soon), Samus and Metroid are awesome, surviving college, and celebration of Jesus' birth (i.e. Christmas) and giving and love and yeah. 


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I draw what comes in my dreams or what I'm feeling, so you can see how weird my mind is :XD: I have several fandoms that I can't help but express, but oh well. I also LOVE to draw pokémon, so if you have any pokémon you'd like to see drawn in my style, let me know! I'll try to post as many as I can! :meow:

Current Residence: I'm in the air...I'm in your house...because there's pieces of me in dust
deviantWEAR sizing preference: shhhhh
Print preference: um....
Favourite genre of music: Christian Metal + Rock (i.e. Demon Hunter), Techno (Mostly Trance, Dance, House, some Dubstep), Indie Rock, Various Others...and NOT rap or country (most of it anyway)
Favourite photographer: Well, let's just say a lot
Favourite style of art: I love digital art, but I also adore every other medium that is pretty (wow...) I like realism, semi-realism, surrealism (lots of "real"-isms) and photography...especially nature
Operating System: Windows 7 & 8
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano generation whatever (the newest one that's really small :3 )
Shell of choice: ?
Wallpaper of choice: Probably Pokemon, Werewolves, or Jack Frost
Skin of choice: Long-Chu...and other awesome-ness
Favourite cartoon character: Danny Fenton/Phantom, Arthur, Static Shock, Bolin, Cosmo, Squidward, Piglet, Pikachu, Eeyore, Raven
Personal Quote: "Beware of no man more than of yourself; we carry our worst enemies within us."~Charles Spurgeon

I love my pageviewers!! :3

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